New – Topical Filler Sculplla H2 Mask Facial

A topical filler treatment – no needles no downtime

Sculplla H-2 is anti-aging skin transformation that doesn’t require needles or scalpels. A deep penetrating, collagen stimulating treatment that firms, plumps and brightens skin, Sculplla H-2 is an intensive, sophisticated treatment for skin in need of restoration, but not reconstruction.

Delivered via an encapsulated hydrogen sheet mask, Sculplla H-2 mimics the brilliance of medical administered Sculptraâ but with zero downtime. Benefits including softer, smoother, plumper skin are recognized immediately, while the nourishment supplied by deeply absorbed niacinamide and age slowing peptides continue to improve skin post treatment.

Prior to the mask, we do a light peel or light dermaplaning depending on your skin condition. This step preps the skin so that it can absorb the serum.

Our team of licensed skincare experts suggest a series of 3 Sculplla H-2 treatments as the results last up to 6 weeks, and are cumulative, meaning 3 consecutive weekly treatments will last up to 6 months.

Great for any skin type with deepening lines and wrinkles.

50 minutes $170
or Prepay 3 for $408 (must be used within 3 week period)