– Facials
– Advanced Skincare
– Massage Therapy
– designated Laser Hair Removal services
PLUS 10% off expertly recommended skincare products at time of appointment
Concentrated care equals beautiful results
The most powerful transformation available at Pure Skin Care Salon is the treatment series package. Whether it’s skincare, massage therapy or laser hair removal, when it comes to professional strength spa therapies, more truly is more. By continuously building on the results of potent professional care, you’ll recognize an entirely different set of results than dropping in sporadically.

Instant gratification + long term satisfaction
Facials & Advanced Skincare
With successive skincare treatments your skin texture smoothes, collagen production receives a jumpstart and fine lines begin to diffuse. By treatment 4, UV damage has brightened, tone has evened significantly and your professionally recommended product regimen is working at full capacity.
The muscular tension we develop over months of stress are rarely worked out in just one hour session, but the transformative capability of weekly sessions increases mobility, improves sleep and boosts overall mood.
Laser Hair Removal
Fed up with the time and expense of shaving? A laser hair removal series can permanently strike “shave” from your morning to do list.

Schedule a difference today!
A significant part of making positive skin and body health changes by scheduling a series is the daily care that complements those therapies. At each of your appointments we invite you to save 10% on all Pure Skin Care Spa skincare products. If you’re not sure how to prioritize your home regimen, our entire team is available to make expert recommendations at any time.

* Eligible services – Facials, Microdermabrasion, Hydra-Refining Facials, Micro-Needling, Sculpulla Mask Facials, all massage services, massage plus facial, massage plus microdermabrasion, Laser Hair Removal Services valued at $100.00 or more
* Ineligible services – Consultations, Face Reality™ acne treatments, waxing services, laser services valued at less than $100.00, lash extensions, lash tints and lifts, sunless tanning and makeup
* Product discount is available at the time of appointment only
* Once purchased, this offer is valid for 8 months. If all treatments have not been redeemed in a 8-month window, treatment(s) may still be scheduled, however the price difference will be charged.
* Cannot be shared or transferred to another client
* Refunds will not be given for late arrivals, late cancellations or no shows
* This special offer may not be combined with additional coupons, discounts or other offers