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Mon 10a-8p (6p-8p by appointment only, no walk-ins please)
Tues CLOSED (3p-8p by appointment only)
Wed 10a-8p (6p-8p by appointment only, no walk-ins please)
Thurs 10a-8p (6p-8p by appointment only, no walk-ins please)
Fri 10a-5p
Sat 10a-3p
Please observe our 24 hour cancellation policy. Please give us your MOBILE number as appointments are confirmed by text. If you do not confirm by text, phone or email, we will assume you no longer want your appointment and you may be removed from the schedule.
Please note that we DO NOT accept confirmations or cancellations made directly with the Esthetician. You must contact Pure Skin Care.

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Laura, LE & Lash Tech
Mon 12p-8p, Tues, 3p-8p, Thurs 10a-8p
Every 2nd Fri 10a-5p
Every 2nd Sat 10a-3p

Kasandra, LE
Mon 10a-3p, Wed 10a-4p,
Thurs 4p-8p, Fri 10a-5p,
Sat 10a-3p

Lisa, LE
Mon, Wed, Fri 10a-4p

Marie, LE
Wed 3p-8p; Thurs 10a-3p

Dominique, Esthetician
Mon 3p-8p; Thurs 3p-8p; Sat 10a-3p
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