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Laura, LE & Lash Tech
Mon 12p-8p, Tues, 3p-8p, Thurs 10a-8p
Every 2nd Fri 10a-5p
Every 2nd Sat 10a-3p

Kasandra, LE
Wed 10a-4p, Thurs 4p-8p
Fri 10a-5p, Sat 10a-3p

Lisa, LE
Mon, Wed, Fri 11a-4p

Belma, Massage Therapist & LE
Mon-Tues 10a-3p, Wed 3p-8p
Thurs 10a-3p, Fri 12 p-5p
Every 2nd Sat 10a-3p
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Facial + 30 Min Massage $75